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Alarm monitoring

Protection First Security is your premier provider for alarm monitoring in Broward County Florida and Palm Beach County Florida. Since 1993 we have installed and monitored alarm and security systems in South Florida.

We offer two types of alarm monitoring services

Standard Phone Line Alarm Monitoring

All alarm communication to the central station will be done using regular phone line service. (Standard Phone Line Provided By Customer)

Cellular Alarm Monitoring

With Cellular monitoring the alarm will communicate to the central station using a cellular communicator. Cellular monitoring also offers smart phone technology so that you can control your alarm/security system/surveillance system using your smart phone.
Our alarm monitoring rates begin at $24.99 per month. Call us today for a free estimate (954) 344-0593

All alarm monitoring includes:

24/7 triple redundant monitoring services ensuring that you will always be secure whenever your alarm goes off. Our expert monitoring specialists guard your home every second of the day to provide continuous protection, advanced detection and rapid response.

  • 24/7 Live Monitoring by expert specialists
  • Rapid cellular connection (5-15 seconds faster than landlines)
  • Police Dispatch for Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Fighter Dispatch for Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • U.L.-Listed, F.M. certified triple redundant Monitoring Central Station

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