The Most Common Ways Burglars Enter A Home

Common Ways A Burglar Enters Your Home

The Front Door:

The Most Common Way Burglars Break  Into Homes is threw the front door.  Over 34% of break-ins happen from the front door.  The most common time of the day for break-ins to happen is between 10 AM and 3 Pm when most homeowners are away at work and school.  To help prevent a burglary remember to always lock your doors.  A home security system is always important and should include a door/window contact installed on the front door.


Back Door / Patio Doors:

The back and patio doors are used more than 24% of the time to break into a home.  Often they are not visible from the street offering a burglar privacy.  Keep shrubs and hedges trimmed. Install motion sensor lights in the back and sides of your home.  Place a security system sign in front of your home as well as security stickers on the windows.  Make sure that your alarm system   includes glass break sensors.  If the burglar breaks a back sliding door the glass break sensor will activate.


All windows are at risk for home break-ins Including  hurricane proof windows.  In addition to door / window contacts installed on the window make sure to include motion sensors.   A motion sensor will activate if someone enters the home.  Large pet motion sensors are designed not to activate if you have pets in the home and can be used in a home with animals up to  80 pounds.


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