Medicare Security Scam Warning

There is a nationwide Medicare Security Scam warning for the entire USA. The Scam is targeting senior citizens ages 62-90.

There are two scams that senior citizens need to watch out for.

  1. The scam involves a “representative” that says they are from medicare or your local health insurance calling the senior at home.  They present themselves as being a part of your health insurance or medicare itself.  The representative then asks for personal information.  They ask you to confirm your home address,  first name, last name, year of birth and social security number.  They also often ask to confirm your medicare id information as well.  Once they have this information they proceed to steal the senior citizen victims identity.  Using this to open bank accounts, commit medicare fraud, open credit cards etc.    If you receive a phone call from a medicare representative asking you for your personal information  tell them you will call them back.  ask for a case number.  then hang up the phone and call your local insurance or medicare office directly.   If you suspect you have been a victim of this  nationwide medicare security scam call the ftc to report. f
  2. FilING A CONSUMER COMPLAINT WITH THE FTCFTC encourages consumers to file a complaint whenever they have been the victim of fraud, identity theft, or other unfair or deceptive business practices. They can do it online, or by calling the FTC’s Consumer Response Center at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). Although filing a complaint will not guarantee that their problem will be fixed, it can help the FTC and other agencies investigate and take enforcement actions whenever it is warranted. system each week.

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