Thanksgiving Home Security

Here are a few Thanksgiving Home Security and Safety tips to make sure your family stays safe this Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Its time to get the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and Sweet Potato pie Ready.  Cluster Your Family & Friends around the table to share an awesome meal.

While at Home

There is a good chance that you will be cooking for family and friends.  According to the NFPA ( National Fire Protection Association) Thanksgiving is the most common day of the year for home-cooking fires. Here are some ways to stay safe while cooking.

  • Test Smoke Alarms.  If you do not have smoke alarms install them.  The best place for a smoke alarm is in the kitchen, one on  each level of the home, and in each bedroom. All smoke alarms should be tested once a year. Protection First Security offers smoke detectors and other alarm equipment to maximize home safety and security.
  • Remove possible fire hazards. Remove items placed close to the stove that could potentially catch fire.  These include dish towels, oven mits, wood and plastic cook wear and paper napkins.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher available.  learn how to use the extinguisher  and instruct family members how to use.
  • While Traveling

    If you plan on traveling for the thanksgiving holiday you will need to secure the safety of your home.

      • Install a home security system.  Call Protection First Security Today for a free estimate (954) 344-0593
      • Set interior and exterior lights on timers. Affordable timers are available at home Depot, Amazon etc. at very affordable rates.
      • Dont post on social media advertising that you will be away.  Save all social media updates and pictures to post when you get home from your holiday.
      • Stop Mail Delivery:  Contact your local post office to discontinue mail service until you arrive home.
      • Lock All Doors & Windows.

This Thanksgiving, be safe both at home and while traveling. Remember these safety tips for thanksgiving home security and enjoy your holiday.

From all the staff at Protection First Security, A safe and healthy thanksgiving.

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